About Us

Scott Taylor Garden Design Ltd is a high end garden design, landscaping and grounds maintenance company. We have been working with clients in mainly Surrey and Kent for the last eight years building a reputation for offering a personal, bespoke and exclusive service.

Scott Taylor Garden Design Ltd is very well known for its reliability, knowledge and above all its professionalism. All our employees are chosen for their attention to detail, their trustworthiness, plant knowledge and we instil in them a passion for gardening and we like them to work closely with our clients to create the clients ideal landscapes.

With this vision, the company founder, Scott Taylor came to the attention of Spun Gold TV and was contracted to work on a number of episodes of 'Love Your Garden' with Alan Titchmarsh back in 2012. From this, Spun Gold came again to us and contracted the team to work on the upcoming BBC 1 series of 'Garden Rescue' working alongside Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers.

Environmental Initiatives

Working in the great outdoors, Scott Taylor Garden Design Ltd is all too aware of the fragility of planet Earth and strives to limit the impact of its activities on the environment wherever possible whilst working with our clients to deliver environmentally sustainable grounds maintenance and landscaping.

Here are just some of the green initiatives we have taken:

  1. Non-organic waste, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, cans, printer cartridges, oil and tyres is all separated and appropriately recycled.
  2. Grass cuttings, shrub and hedge pruning, leaves, pond weed and other smaller woody materials from our maintenance work is composted to produce excellent peat free soil improver which we re-use on our clients shrub and flower beds.
  3. Smaller pieces of our hard and soft wood from our tree surgery works are chipped and used as pathway material and larger logs and timber sections are used to create timber stacks in woodland to attract beetles and bugs and encourage bio-diversity.
  4. Recycled materials are used wherever possible in our landscaping activities.
  5. Conservation gardening advice is available to all our clients, covering subjects such as planting to attract bees, butterflies, birds and wildlife.

We are constantly reviewing ways of reducing our carbon footprint, including monitoring and limiting vehicle journeys and encourage our staff to highlight ways which Scott Taylor Garden Design Ltd can do even better.

Professional Accreditations and Trade Associations

NVQ level 1+2 Sports Turf and Amenity Horticulture comprising:

  • Plant Growth in Relation to Sports and Amenity Turf
  • Principles of Machinery (Sports and Amenity Turf)
  • Weeds, Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Sports and Amenity Turf
  • Health and Safety in the Sports and Amenity Turf Industry
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sports and Amenity Turf Equipment
  • Principles of Sports and Amenity Turf Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Sports Turf / Golf Courses

PA1, PA2 + PA6 Chemical Spraying and Handling

Member of The Landscape Juice Network

Customer Service Policy

Scott Taylor Garden Design Ltd promise to its current and future customers to deliver a quality service and provide customer care that will at the very least exceed their expectations.

Our commitment is to act in the customer's best interest at all times and to continuously improve our quality standards in every aspect of our work.

Part of our care policy is to ensure that our staff deal with customers and clients in the following manner:

  • Provide a high quality service
  • Be courteous at all times
  • Be polite and patient
  • Be considerate & flexible to customers and clients demands
  • Be professionally attired
  • Liaise effectively & efficiently with colleagues