Garden Design

Good garden design relies on a well-balanced combination of flair, knowledge and experience on the part of the designer, attributes drawn from many disciplines, including horticulture, landscape architecture and even engineering.

Based on the Kent and Surrey border, we can offer you a wide range of beautiful "off the peg" designs for both complete gardens and individual garden features to suit a whole range of tastes, plots and pockets. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance family garden, a water garden or a garden in the Japanese style: whether your plot of land is rectangular or triangular, hot and sunny or cool and shady, we can provide a host of design solutions to cater for your needs.

Tree Surgery

We offer a full range of tree care services from reductions, removals as well as stump grinding.


We are please to offer a service of design and supply or partial installation for most types of irrigation systems. These systems would be designed to provide the same quality of Irrigation system we would provide in one of our own installations be it a private garden Irrigation system or a Bowling green irrigation system.

Turf Care

At Scott Taylor Garden Design Ltd, we are very proud of our professional fine turf backgrounds and would like to offer all customers the opportunity to improve the health and appearance of their lawn, no matter what size it is or condition it is currently in. Drawing on years of experience implementing processes learned training at the very highest level of the industry, we are confident that we can achieve fantastic results that we can be proud to put our name to.

Aspiring for a world class lawn?

Our backgrounds in golf course and fine turf management mean that we can offer a more detailed soil analysis from the boffins at the Sports Turf Research Institute which will allow us to identify deficiencies of all micronutrient levels outside of the basic N,P,K as well as microbe levels within the soil. Once this is completed we can offer tailor-made programmes to bring your lawn up to a standard that can be described as true fine turf. As we're sure you can understand, the costs for this service can be relatively high and massively variable so please contact us for a chat and a free initial consultation.

And if it's really bad?

Whether you have huge problems with weeds, pests and disease or simply want to transform any area of your garden into beautiful lawn (irrelevant of what's there already) we also specialise in laying new turf.